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Your yard is an extension of your home. It’s one of the first aspects guests notice about your home and where you spend countless hours spending time with friends and family. Landscape lighting will extend your living space and create a beautiful scene, no matter the season.

At Charleston Lighting and Interiors, we have a large selection of landscape lighting fixtures to choose from. From posts and bollards to accent and well lights, we have everything you need to illuminate your outdoor oasis. To browse our impressive selection, stop by our lighting showroom today, or schedule an appointment with one of our lighting experts.

Types Of Landscape Lighting Fixtures We Offer

Image of outdoor lightingLandscape lighting can become a focal point in your yard, drawing attention to your garden, pool, fountains, and more. The lighting experts at Charleston Lighting and Interiors can point you in the right direction to whichever feature you are wanting to emphasize.

Here are a few common types of landscape lighting that can take your outdoor area to the next level:

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Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Posts and Bollards
Accent Lighting
Deck & Patio
Path & Spread
Step Lights
Well Lights
Additional Landscape Lighting

Posts and Bollards

Posts and bollards are sturdy, vertical posts that provide direct light to a designated area. Typical uses for posts and bollards in yards are to brighten a walk way, provide lighting in a garden, and more! They come in a variety of shapes and heights, so you can get the perfect posts or bollards to tie your landscaping together.

Accent Lights

The main purpose of accent lights is to focus light on a particular object or area. When used in your outdoor space, it can highlight your prized flowers or trees, fountain, or sculpture you have out for display. You should be able to show off your statement piece in your yard, even when the sun goes down for the night, and you can do so with accent lights!

Deck & patio

When you’re spending time on your deck or patio in the evening, you want to relax and unwind. Instead of having bright lights shining down on you, you can install deck and patio lights. These landscape lights provide a soft glow that provides you visibility to see where you’re walking without the harsh, bright beam of light that general exterior lighting provides. We have a large selection of styles and designs, ensuring you’ll find the perfect lights to match your outdoor theme.

Path & Spread

Path and spread lighting fixtures provide both utility and design to your outdoor space. Typically used to provide additional lighting when the sun goes down, these lights can illuminate a pathway, the perimeter of a pool, your driveway, and more. They add unique design and style while allowing you to find your way around the yard when the natural light fades.

Step Lights

Similar to deck and patio lights, step lights are great for guiding people safely around your outdoor area when the sun sets for the night. If you have a deck that lowers down to a different level of your yard, step lights are perfect to allow you and your guests to walk safely while keeping with the style and design of your outdoor area.

Well Lights

If you have tall trees, plants, or other statement pieces in your yard that you would like to highlight in the evenings, well lights are what you’re looking for. They’re mounted in the ground and shine vertically, projecting ample lighting on the object you want on display. The days of only admiring your trees and plants during the day are a thing of the past thanks to landscape lighting!

Additional Landscape Lighting

We have a large variety of additional lighting fixtures in our showroom and online catalog. Stop by our lighting showroom today, or schedule an appointment online to see all of the options we offer!

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Our lighting showroom is the largest of the Carolinas and has the best selection of all interior and exterior lighting fixtures. We have lighting and accessories for every room and style, and lighting experts on-staff to help you find the perfect lighting for your home. Visit our showroom today, or schedule an appointment.

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