The Magnificence of Pendant Lighting

Besides having a beautiful name, pendant lighting not only adds lighting to your home or office, but it also adds style that would be impossible otherwise. Pendant lighting comes in all different styles, in all different shapes, and in all different colors to suit your tastes.

Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers the best in pendant lighting fixtures, from large pendants to mini pendants and multisystem pendants. We specialize in lighting for every room and for every style. By speaking to one of our lighting experts today, we can help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for and help you to create the look and feel you desire. Visit our amazing lighting showroom today!

Types of Pendant Lighting You Will Find At Charleston Lighting

Pendant lighting is primarily interior lighting features, although some pendant lights are found on your covered deck or sunroom. Pendant lights are also called drop or suspender lights. This is because pendant lights hang from the ceiling, usually by a cord. They tend to be individual lights and small when compared to a chandelier, which holds multiple lights suspended from the ceiling. Charleston Lighting and Interiors carries a wide variety of pendant lighting for your needs:

  • Large pendants
  • Mini pendants
  • Multisystem pendants
  • Crystal pendants
  • Pendants with shades
  • Commercial pendants
  • And so much more!

Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers pendant lighting by type, style, finish, and mount. We offer pendants based on shape and pendants based on style. We have thousands of pendants for you to choose from, and speaking with one of our lighting experts can help you gain some illumination!



Because of its design, pendant lighting brings very specific advantages over other lighting types and designs.



Pendant lighting can be used in every room in your home of office. Because they are so small, they can be used in small spaces to add light.


Light, per se, is light. However, there are endless ways to deliver that light from an artificial source with pendant lighting. Pendant lighting lets you choose the style, the coloring, and the width easily.

Creates Ambiance

Pendant lighting is popular in restaurants that are dark otherwise. Oftentimes, you’ll see one pendant light hanging over each table, which lends a sense of privacy and intimacy to your dining experience. This is just one way pendant lighting creates ambiance that we are all familiar with.

Provides More Light

Since pendant lighting tends to focus lighting downward, pendant lights are popular task lighting choices. You’ll see them hanging over workbenches in garages, home offices in homes, and over the chef’s area in restaurants.


Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers many choices for your interior lighting needs. When it comes to pendants, you can choose from modern to traditional lighting and everything in-between. They can go in any room in your home or office and make that space attractive and comfortable. Pendant lighting is perhaps the best way to create ambiance, from charming and elegant to formal or laid-back. No matter your tastes, pendant lighting can create it.

With so many choices to choose from, we understand you can feel a bit overwhelmed, which is why our lighting experts are here to help. We offer free in-store consultations so we can go over all of your options, show you some of our lighting offerings in person, and help you narrow down your search. Since lighting is so important to your home, both for ambiance and for the light they provide for us to see by, we understand you want to make the right choice. You can stop by our showroom, or shop online with us today!