If you are hosting this holiday season, you are perhaps considering updating your lighting. Many people have a beautiful chandelier in their dining room space, but if you are considering updating it for hosting, Charleston Lighting and Interiors can help. Learn four styles of chandeliers to consider this holiday season, and stop by our local lighting store in Charleston today!

Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers are characterized by glass or crystal candles, but without the dangers of an open flame, which was a popular way to light a room before electricity became commonplace. Many are elaborate that can be absolutely stunning in your dining room over the holidays. However, many are minimalistic, too.

Mini Chandeliers

Mini chandeliers are one of the most popular types of chandeliers due to their diminutive size. Despite their size, they can give off bright lighting and offer a stunning style that can completely change the mood in your dining room this holiday season.

Drum Shade Chandeliers

Drum shade chandeliers are chandeliers where each light is encased in a drum shade that can come in many different styles and designs. Or, you may see drum-shaped chandeliers that encase all of the lights as a whole, which use many different materials for a customized look.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are chandeliers made mostly from specially made glass that offers brilliant lighting. Most crystal chandeliers are elaborate and are geared towards being the focal point in the room. Exquisite, radiant, and clear, crystal chandeliers can be show-stoppers, indeed.


This holiday season, spruce up your dining room with a beautiful chandelier from Charleston Lighting and Interiors. Let our lighting designers help. Simply schedule a free consultation to get great ideas or suggestions. Schedule a consultation today!

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